Investing in the Present and the Future of Education in Brevard

Many Hands

The Brevard Schools Foundation directly supports students, teachers and special initiatives in Brevard Public Schools. Established in 1987, the Brevard Schools Foundation has provided more than $43,000,000 in benefit to our schools.

These funds come from many sources, including individual and corporate contributions, grants and endowments. This is where people who care about education see their contributions directly impact students and teachers. Whether donations are restricted to specific schools or programs, or unrestricted so help may be given where it’s needed most, Brevard Schools Foundation provides good stewardship of each donor contribution.




Many Challenges

The Brevard Schools Foundation is here to take action, with help from the private sector, to move needed support and initiatives into place. Many partners and individuals have joined us in this effort. They provide assistance, funding and in-kind support for Brevard Public Schools, its leaders, its teachers and our community giving us a sense of pride that we’ve delivered a high-quality educational system for the future of Florida’s Space Coast.