Our Mission

Brevard Schools Foundation fills educational funding and opportunity gaps at all of our 82 public schools for 73,000 students and 5,000 teachers by supporting innovation, engaging communities, and changing lives.


Brevard Public Schools will serve our community and enhance students’ lives by delivering the highest quality education in a culture of dedication, collaboration, and learning.

Investing In Young Minds

Brevard Schools Foundation provides direct support to students and teachers and enhances educational opportunity through citizen and corporate support.

Brevard Schools Foundation fills educational funding and opportunity gaps. Funds come from private contributions, corporate support, public matching funds, fundraising and endowments.

Good Stewardship

Brevard Schools Foundation provides stewardship of all funds – designated, undesignated and donor advised funds. Scholarships, grants and funding requests are carefully considered, reviewed and approved.

We’re Up To The Challenge

Across the nation, organizations similar to Brevard Schools Foundation recognize that school systems have unique challenges and take action, through the private sector, to move needed support and initiatives into place.

We’re All About Support

Brevard Schools Foundation manages a $2.5 million annual budget that provides direct support to schools, programs and other enhancements that donors designate.

The generosity behind such support is deep. Brevard is fortunate to have committed supporters and dedicated support for education, students and teachers.

Come Join Us.

Brevard Schools Foundation is led by a dedicated board of directors and professional staff. Part of a larger association of educational foundations across the state, Brevard Schools Foundation applies best practices to managing and administering funds, programs, grants and scholarships.