Food 3Shop from the Heart

Nearly 2,000 students were identified as homeless in Brevard Public Schools last year. Many of these children cannot afford basic supplies including soap, shampoo, clothing, and food.

In response to this issue, the Supply Zone hosts Shop from the Heart, a special giveaway event for Homeless Student Liaison Teachers.  Each year, these teachers are invited to the Supply Zone to pick up free school supplies and other necessities; they then give these items to the homeless students at their schools.


In three years, Shop from the Heart has accomplished the following:

  • Served 269 Homeless Student Liaison Teachers
  • Distributed $43,500 worth of school supplies
  • Distributed $42,000 worth of clothing
  • Distributed $58,500 worth of hygiene products
  • Distributed 2,875 books
  • Distributed 5 tons of food
  • Welcomed special guests including Florida Speaker of the House Steve Crisafulli
  • Received recognition from Florida Today

If you are interested in becoming involved with this event, please contact the Supply Zone for Teachers by email or at 321-633-3660, ext. 301. Your gift of essential supplies could impact hundreds of homeless children, providing access to items they may not have otherwise.