Scholarship Program Management Procedures

  • Sponsor completes and submits Scholarship Commitment Form and Scholarship Criteria Form.
  • Sponsor establishes scholarship account with Brevard Schools Foundation through Foundation accountant – funds for the scholarship must be on account before the scholarship can be publicized. (Foundation charges 3% administrative fee on funds placed on account to help defray the expense of managing the program.)
  • Scholarship opportunity is advertised in the annual Scholarship Booklet (distributed through high school guidance offices) and on the Foundation website.
  • EFSC Leadership Scholarship applications are submitted online directly to EFSC and judged by EFSC’s selection committee per EFSC policy.
  • Students submit completed applications to the Foundation. Applications are scored by a scholarship review committee. Outside organizations may judge applications for their sponsored scholarship provided that an objective committee is established and members of this committee sign a conflict of interest form. (Per IRS rules, an individual donor may not judge his/her own scholarship.) The Brevard Schools Foundation Board of Directors approves the final recommendations for scholarship awards.
  • After winners are approved, school guidance offices are notified of the scholarship winners, who in turn notify the students. Award certificates are presented to the students at each school’s award ceremony. Sponsors are welcome to attend the ceremonies and present the award to the student. If sponsor prefers, presentations will be made by Foundation staff or board members.
  • The Foundation sends scholarship recipients formal award notification letters as well as verification of enrollment letters which must be submitted to and completed by the university/college registrar’s office. Upon receipt of the completed registrar’s form and any other verification required by individual scholarships, the Foundation issues the check for the funds to the student’s school.
  • Foundation performs ongoing monitoring of scholarship compliance and eligibility.