Families can save half off the application fee using promo code BREV1718


  • Anyone who purchases a Prepaid Plan using promo code BREV1718 will save $25 off the application fee
  • Monthly Prepaid Plan prices for newborns range from $47 to $187 per month, providing a variety of affordable options for families.
  • Anyone can contribute to any Florida Prepaid College Savings Plan using a gift certificate available on the Florida Prepaid website.


Viera, Fla. – A toy might last a few months, but the gift of college lasts a lifetime. As families enter the season of giving, Florida Prepaid College Plans and the Brevard Schools Foundation encourage Floridians to explore the many ways to give the gift of college savings to a loved one. “This is a great time of year to consider the gift of college, and we hope our partnership with the Brevard Schools Foundation will prompt families to think about the most impactful way to express their generosity to a loved one,” said Florida Prepaid College Board Chairman John D. Rood. “For about $50 a month, you can create a path to college by purchasing a 1-Year Florida University Plan for the young child in your life and open the doors to a lifetime of opportunity.” 

The 1-Year Florida University Plan is the only Florida Prepaid College Plan that allows different family members to each purchase one year of college and share in the cost of funding four years of higher education. A family member could choose to prepay for one year at a state university, covering tuition and specified fees for 30 credit hours. The monthly cost for a newborn starts at less than $50. That gift can be used in combination with other 1-Year University Plans to save for all four years of university tuition and fees.

In addition, anyone can contribute to any Florida Prepaid College Plan at any time, using gift certificates available on the Florida Prepaid website.

According to the Washington University Center for Social Development, children with dedicated college savings are 2.5 times more likely to enroll in and graduate from college. An easy way to increase these odds is to start a Florida Prepaid College Plan. All Prepaid Plans can be used both in-state and out-of-state and at both public and private colleges and universities, and you can never lose your investment.

“Saving for college with a Prepaid Plan is guaranteed and secure,” said Florida Prepaid Executive Director Kevin Thompson. “Our Prepaid Plans give families peace of mind, and that is one of the best gifts of all.”


For more information, visit www.myfloridaprepaid.com.


About the Florida Prepaid College Board

The Florida Prepaid College Board manages the Stanley G. Tate Florida Prepaid College Program and the Florida 529 Savings Plan. Both are tax-favored 529 college savings plans authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. In 1987 the Florida Prepaid College Program was created by the Florida Legislature and the commitment and dedication of Mr. Stanley G. Tate to provide Florida families with an affordable means to save for their children’s future college education. The first Florida Prepaid College Plans were sold in 1988, and were augmented with the addition of the Florida 529 Savings Plan in 2002. Florida Prepaid is the largest, longest running and most successful prepaid plan in the nation with more than 1.8 million Florida Prepaid College Plans purchased and more than $6.7 billion invested in Prepaid Plans by Florida families. The 529 Savings Plan has more than 60,000 active accounts with a market value of more than $525 million. To see how Florida Prepaid helps families, visit here.