SUBJECT: Boeing Employees Community Fund – Request for Proposals

DATE: August 13, 2017 – DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 22, 2017  (extended to 9/22/17 due to Hurricane Irma)

REQUIREMENTS: Must be a Brevard Public School and Grant Request must come from an administrator or teacher of school being named in proposal.

Brevard Schools Foundation is accepting proposals to submit a request to the Boeing Employees Community Fund of Florida for critical needs in Brevard Public Schools. If you have one critical need that you’d like to ask this organization to fund, please send the information requested below to our office no later than Friday, September 15. Please send completed requests to me electronically at Funds are typically awarded and released by January.

Only one request per school will be accepted. Principals should send only one proposal, on no more than one page, in the following format:

Name of School: Enter school name.

Name of Project: A short name for the project for which you are requesting funding.

Project Coordinator: The name of teacher/administrator responsible for this request. This person will be responsible for a short report telling us how this funding was spent and its impact.

Phone Number: A phone number for Boeing to call and ask questions, if necessary.

Project Description: A short description of the project, what supplies are needed and who will benefit.

Why this is a critical

Need A short explanation of why this is a critical need at your school. In the past, schools have submitted requests for supplemental or what Boeing called “luxury” items. Please carefully consider your request to determine if it is critical. The Boeing committee tends to look for things that are basic. Some examples include math manipulatives for students, basic classroom supplies, campus safety improvements (i.e. walkie-talkies) or makerspace materials.

Projects must directly benefit students.

Total project budget: A brief budget of total costs. Please do not itemize piece by piece. For example, “10 accelerated reader books” is sufficient and you do not have to list the title of each book.

Be sure to list any other funding sources for this project.

Amount Requested: A single figure is required here. Note: Boeing rarely grants requests of over $1,000. In past years, the majority of grants were in the $300-$500 range.

Questions? Please contact me at or 633-1000 ext. 454